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Welcome to the Access the Power site. If this is your first visit, we hope that you will come back many times. If you are an old friend, warmest greetings! Since September '97 we have strived to enhance this site and to add new and interesting things for you to look at and to experience. Don't forget to bookmark us!

Obviously we have also tried to interest you in some of the services and products that we are offering. We are dedicated to the use of metaphysical principles applied to our everyday life, for growth, enlightenment, and above all, teaching you how to apply these tools for self-help. We don't always want to give you the fish, we would rather teach you how to fish - much more useful long term!

We welcome positive feedback and suggestions, so don't be shy, let us have your views. For any other type of query please use our Contact Page.

Please enjoy the site - explore all we have to offer - we hope you will be drawn to buy one of our services or products - but nevertheless we hope you will learn something of metaphysical principles - come back often!

Very best wishes!

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