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What people say:

Some of the things that people say about Stephen are, 'He has a unique and deep understanding of other people's challenges. His easy manner makes him fun to talk to. He is able to maintain a balanced perspective between spiritual and physical values. It's his clarity of insight that empowers you. His wisdom is easily digested as it is simple, practical and down-to-earth. He is a marvellous catalyst for bringing about positive change in people's lives.'

How does he do it?

Many years ago Stephen discovered that he did not have to be sitting opposite a client to be able to connect with them, he found that just by 'tuning-in' he was able to pick up the person's energy. He also found that he could connect to a client's relatives, friends or anyone associated with the client in the same way. Therefore, Stephen is one of the very few who is able to read you accurately and in-depth by Telephone so distance is irrelevant.

Stephen has read thousands of clients using these methods and continues to read for people around the world, for example, clients have contacted him from Cincinnati, Dallas, Paris, Belgium, Marbella, Tripoli, Bosnia, Switzerland, London and many other locations.


Stephen is able to read you and your situation by telephone using only his gift and your birthdate. A reading by telephone offers you the convenience of not having to leave home and the ability to contact Stephen at a mutually acceptable time. This type of reading gives ample opportunity for feedback and dialogue. He can be contacted 6 days a week during the daytime 10am - 5pm (GMT). Prior booking is required.
(International clients please be mindful of the time differences.)

COST £35.00 Consultation time 30 minutes This reading is recorded and a CD is then sent to you.

COST £65.00 Consultation time 60 minutes This reading is recorded and a CD is then sent to you.

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