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Is it all just a coincidence..

Personal development is about using your natural intuitive ability, raising your consciousness, your awareness and turning up the volume of your intuitions, hunches & gut-feelings. Each of us has the ability to know something directly - without analytical process, without logic & without prior knowledge! There is no limit to the inspiration and positive changes you can enjoy in every area of your life when you ACCESS the POWER™.


Life Mapping
Your life map will be prepared by Stephen personally giving you insight into every aspect of your life (these maps are not computer generated). These insights are INDIVIDUAL and UNIQUE giving you the best possible avenues and showing you the important signposts that will take you to your goals quickly and in the most fulfilling way!
Intuitive Counselling
Stephen's clarity of insight will empower you. His wisdom is easily digested as it is simple, practical and down-to-earth. He acts as a catalyst for bringing about positive change in people's lives. Stephen can tune-in to your personal energy by e-mail or telephone.
No need to leave town or the comfort of your own home. Attend our Access the Power™ workshop via the internet or through correspondence. Great course material supplied via password protected area on our site and through e-mail. Personal interactive attention, guidance and help through the course to course end. No time constraint.
Number Power
Unlock your potential for success! A full and comprehensive DIY book to the encoded messages in your birthdate using the Pythagoras method of calculation and perfected for modern living by Stephen Haynes.

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