Select, Don't Settle

by Alan Cohen

This article was first published in Celestial Voyage Magazine 'Summer of '96 issue'.

It is not what you ask for that is appalling; what is appalling is what you settle for.
As a teenager I regularly heard a radio jingle for a men's clothing store in New York City: "Select, Don't Settle at Bamey's." Although I did not realise it at the time, the message was offering a profound instruction for life.

How much of how you live your life is your preference, and how much are you settling for? On a piece of paper make two columns: "I Select," and "I Settle." Then consider your activities in the course of a day, week, month, or year, and honestly record what you are doing that comes from your heart and what you are doing that comes from fear, obligation, or accommodation.

Every time we settle we die a little bit inside. When we accept something that we would not choose, we affirm that we do not deserve to be happy and that the universe cannot support us in living our vision. When we make a stand for our goal, we affirm that we are worthy to live in the loving and abundant universe.

After a lecture I was invited to the sponsor's office to unwind. "What kind of tea would you like?" Melodie asked. "Peppermint," I told her. "I'm not sure if we have peppermint," she noted as she rummaged through the shelf.

Quickly I responded, "That's okay I’ll take whatever you have." Melodie turned and glared at me playfully, "Didn't I just hear you give a lecture on not settling?" Oops. (It is always annoying when your students or children use your truth against you.) She searched again and announced, "Peppermint!"

A humbling lesson, but a good one. Ask for what you want, and as long as there is a chance of getting it, keep asking.

I pray to live at choice. Give me the strength to claim my highest good and not stop until my dreams come true.

I deserve the kingdom. I ask for the kingdom and I receive it.

Alan Cohen is the auther of the bestselling The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore. To request a free catalogue of Alan's books, tapes and workshop schedule, write to Hay House, Post Office Box 5I00, Carisbad, CA, USA 920I8-5I00 or call USA 6I9 - 43I - 7695.


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