Intuition is a valuable source of information, at least as important as, or equal to, analytical data. The methods needed to gather intuitive information require the skills of listening, awareness and feeling. Of course, you can go about your business ignoring your intuition and you will get by. But liken it to hiring a contractor to do some work without getting several bids or quotes first. You can do it, but it's highly risky with information from only one source.

Stephen is an internationally recognised intuitive counsellor and consultant with an active practice with thousands of clients worldwide. Stephen had a multi-faceted background in the business world before entering the intuitive world. For this reason Stephen has been approached on many occasions by businesses. Whether you are a one-person organisation or a corporation Stephen's insight can be invaluable. When you consider what is a business or a corporation, it is of course people. People, whether considered to be at the top or a little lower down the scale, have input to give which may immeasurably alter the course, operation, and ultimately the destiny of the whole.

When speaking to corporations what generally comes to light are the misunderstandings that arise from the uniqueness of the individual and the problems arising from stereotypical behaviour and above all communication. Although everyone may be planning to arrive at the same destination we have to acknowledge that everyone is operating with a very different reality map.



These maps lead to a variety of different routes. Using a variety of techniques Stephen will tune-in to the personal energies that are at play, revealing powerful arcane information about individuals, situations and cycles of energy. Using this knowledge you and your business can reach the future or futures desired. Alter the route that is taken to that destiny and attain the full potential of individuals and the business as a whole.

Stephen will indicate the signposts that are best for you to follow and those which are best avoided. Stephen is a great believer in freewill, so he will not tell you what to do, but he will indicate your options and their possible outcome, then it's up to you.

His hallmarks are his sincerity, accuracy & practical advice. Some of the things that people say about Stephen are, 'He has a unique and deep understanding of other people's challenges. His easy manner makes him fun to talk to. He is able to maintain a balanced perspective between spiritual and physical values. It's his clarity of insight that empowers you. His wisdom is easily digested as it is simple, practical and down-to-earth. He is a marvellous catalyst for bringing about positive change in people's lives.'

Truly a life altering experience!

Your permanent record of a CD will empower you time and again. The tools he gives you enable you to manoeuvre through life's lessons effortlessly. During many years Stephen has read for thousands of clients worldwide, and whilst not seeking them, he has gathered many testimonials to his work.

Some of the many areas that people have found
Stephen's guidance to be invaluable are:

Will this person be beneficial to my organization, are the right people in the right jobs, am I getting the best out of my personnel, is this person ready for promotion?

Is this partner honest, will we work well together, what problems might present themselves in the future, can my partner handle success, will my partner work hard?

Should I ask for promotion or a raise in salary at this time, how will my request be received, is this the right career for me, am I missing other opportunities?

Will this property bring me good fortune? Are there hidden problems, with the area, my neighbours, local authorities?

Can I expect maximum return on this investment, should I make this investment at all, should I invest more money, should I pull out altogether?

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