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Stephen works as an intuitive counsellor, clairvoyant & teacher, helping thousands of people world-wide. Up until recently, he lived and worked in southern Spain and the United States. Now living in the UK, he continues to travel the world giving private & business consultations, seminars & personal development workshops. Stephen has appeared regularly on television and radio and has written articles on various esoteric subjects for newspapers & magazines. His hallmarks are his sincerity, accuracy & practical advice.


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What they say:

Some of the things that people say about Stephen are, 'He has a unique and deep understanding of other people's challenges. His easy manner makes him fun to talk to. He is able to maintain a balanced perspective between spiritual and physical values. It's his clarity of insight that empowers you. His wisdom is easily digested as it is simple, practical and down-to-earth. He is a marvellous catalyst for bringing about positive change in people's lives.'


For more than 20 years Stephen has been an internationally recognised intuitive counsellor and consultant with an active practice with thousands of clients worldwide. Stephen had a multi-faceted background in the business world before entering the intuitive world. For this reason Stephen has been approached on many occasions by businesses. Whether you are an individual, one-person organisation or a corporation Stephen's insight can be invaluable.



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